BBQ Chief Gas Grill 6.0 - Red

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Features: - 3 stainless steel main burners with 10.5kW, evenly adjustable- side burner with 3,0 kW heating power and cover- high heatable cast iron grate for perfect branding- large grilling surface, also suitable for indirect grilling- stainless steel warming grid- double-walled hood with glass insert and thermometer- easy to empty grease drip tray- enameled flame plates above the main burners- large base with plenty of storage space and doors- transport wheels for easy movingA suitable pressure reducer with a connection hose for the gas bottle is already included in the package of this gas grill! Finely adjustable stainless steel main burnersThe stainless steel burners provide a total output of 10.5 kW. High burner power allows convenient burnout of the cooking chamber for cleaning and provides quick heating of the grill grates. Optimal controllability of the burners is important for long jobs when grilling. An evenly adjustable heat is a great advantage with this grill, because long jobs on the grill are only possible if the heat can be finely dosed.Enameled flame plates above the burnersThe main burners are equipped with enameled flame plates to protect them from dripping oil and meat juices. Oil and meat juices, do not drip onto the flames, but are directed downwards and collected in the fat collection tray. Since marinade and meat juices are aggressive, the flame plates are protected by a layer of enamel.Grill grates made of heat-retaining cast ironThe solid cast iron grate ensures perfect branding and the best possible heat retention. This gives the heat evenly to the grilled food and enables the production of the roasting substances that make up grilling. Because only if roasting substances form on the grilled food, one can speak of the perfect grilled taste. A grill plate and a pizza stone are optionally available as inserts for the grate.Stainless steel warming gridThe warming grid is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean. Its smooth surface allows easy cleaning. The grill can be used for cooking meat, vegetables or baguettes. The warming surface on the second level is perfect for keeping grilled spokes warm, as the temperature is much lower than directly on the grill grate.Side burnerThe side burner has an output of 3.0kW and is perfect for using pans, a wok or simple pots. Quickly prepare a sauce or cook potatoes, this is no problem on the side burner. When the side burner is not in use, there is a flat storage surface when the side burner cover is closed. This gives you even more storage space.Double-walled hood with glass viewing windowTo prevent the grill from cooling down too quickly and to keep the heat in the cooking chamber even, the hood is double-walled. This prevents temperature drops in the grill, especially during long grilling sessions with low heat. A glass viewing window in the hood allows you to see the food being grilled without having to open the hood.Thermometer in the lidThe thermometer in the lid of the grill provides information about the internal temperature in the cooking chamber at any time. When grilling and roasting large pieces of meat that require a longer cooking time, it is helpful to look at the thermometer because you do not have to open the lid and no heat can escape. The heat circulates in the cooking chamber of the grill and the thermometer shows the heat of the circulating air. Also, you can see at a glance if the grill is already sufficiently heated.Grease collection trayThe integrated tray collects the dripping oil and meat juices and directs them to the fat collection tray. This can be conveniently emptied. This makes cleaning after grilling much easier and avoids unnecessary fat fires.Transport rollersTransport wheels have been fitted so that the grill can be moved easily on level ground. These are lockable so that the grill remains securely in place.Large base with plenty of storage space*.When grilling, you have all sorts of utensils that you want to stow away after grilling and need to have quickly at hand during grilling. There's plenty of room in the grill's underframe for a cover, pots, spices, the grill tongs and, of course, the obligatory grill brush. Thanks to the two doors with elegant handles, the contents of the underframe remain hidden.Elegant appearance and perfect inner valuesWhat makes the BBQ CHIEF 6.0 is not only its elegant appearance, high heating power. This grill is simply the perfect outdoor kitchen for the garden and terrace. Everything about this grill is well thought out and easy to use. Quick grilling after work is just as much fun with it, as long grill.
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