BBQ Chief Gas Grill Genius

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Features:- Gas grill made of high-quality stainless steel- 6 stainless steel main burners with a total heating capacity of 24.2 kW- Side burners with 3,0 kW heating capacity- Infrared backburner with 3,2 kW- 4 high-quality stainless steel grates, easy to clean- very large grill surface 86 x 45 cm- warming grate on second level- double-walled stainless steel hood - thermometer in the hood- grease drip tray- stainless steel flame plates against grease fire- large base with doors- stainless steel side shelves- LED illuminated knobs- motorized spit included- 6 stainless steel burners with piezo ignition and stainless steel flame platesThe 6 stainless steel main burners with a total heat output of 24.2 kW fire the large grilling surface and allow you to set up different heat zones for indirect grilling. The finely adjustable burners allow long jobs with low temperature, as needed for spareribs or pulled pork preparation. The stainless steel flame plates protect the burners from dripping liquids and prevent a grease fire in the grill. By using high-quality stainless steel, the flame plates are resistant to acids and salts and thus provide longer protection for the burners. Backburner inside!The infrared back burner has a heating capacity of 3.2 kW. When the rotisserie is in use, the backburner provides additional heat to the rolled roast or poultry. The result is impressive. An even browning of the meat takes place thanks to the infrared back burner. But the backburner is also suitable for the additional firing of the grill chamber. With its power, it can serve as an additional heat source and facilitate the control of the heat in the grill chamber. Side burnerYou can work with pots, pans, or a wok on the side burner, which provides a flat storage surface with a cover when not in use. Cooking sauces, potatoes or preparing vegetables in a wok is no problem. The 3.0 kW heat output of the side burner ensures fast heating and well-dosed heat. Stainless steel grids for easy cleaningCleaning the 86 x 45 cm stainless steel grate is easy. The smooth stainless steel can be easily brushed off with the grill brush. That the grill grate is high heatable, ensures the perfect branding on meat and vegetables. This creates the roasting substances that make up the desired barbecue flavor. Warming grate on second levelThe second-level warming rack is ideal for baking bread and keeping food warm. The removable grate is easy to clean and can be inserted or removed as needed. Double-walled stainless steel hood with a built-in thermometerTo ensure that as little heat as possible escapes during grilling, the hood of the grill is double-walled. The resulting insulation is especially important during long grilling sessions with low temperatures (long jobs). If the hood remains closed, the heat does not escape abruptly and effective grilling is possible even at low outside temperatures. By using stainless steel as the material for the hood, it does not change color due to the heat in the grill. The thermometer built into the hood shows the temperature of the hot air circulating in the hood. Just like in a hot air oven, this allows you to read the temperature. Stainless steel grease drip trayDripping oil and marinades are directed downwards into the fat collection tray. Thus, the oil does not collect in the grill chamber and grease fires are avoided. Emptying the grease drip tray is quick and easy. The resistant material is less stressed by salty, aggressive materials. Rotary knobs with indicator LED lightingThe rotary knobs for adjusting the burners are equipped with LED lighting, which changes color from white to red when the burner is on. This allows you to see at a glance which burner is active, even at dusk. Motorized rotisserie includedThe preparation of roasts or poultry succeeds best on the rotary spit, especially since the built-in infrared backburner can fully develop its power here. Grill chicken or skewers without effort on the rotisserie. So that the rotisserie can also be used for heavier pieces of meat, this has a gear motor, which rotates powerfully and evenly. The motorized rotisserie is a useful addition to a high-quality gas grill. therefore, this accessory was included with this grill. Side shelves for plenty of storage spaceThe left side shelf contains the side burner and when not in use, the covers can be closed, thus providing the user with two flat surfaces to place grilling utensils, plates or pots on the right shelf. You can never have enough storage space, so this grill has been designed with this detail in mind. Large base cabinet* with plenty of storage spaceWhen grilling, you need all kinds of accessories, which should be quickly at hand and stored as invisibly as possible when not in use. The grill has a large base cabinet, which offers plenty of storage space. Transport wheels for easy moving of the grillThe massive grill is easy to move around on flat ground thanks to the transport wheels. So it can be moved to another place for grilling and put away for storage. Locks are provided on the transport wheels to prevent accidental rolling away. The design of a professionalThe design of the gas grill is based on the look of professional outdoor kitchens. Clean lines, a bulky look and a clear design language make this grill stand out. This grill is simply practical and high quality. This is how a chef wants a gas grill to look. Easy to clean materials, plenty of storage space, practical accessories and reasonable quality. What makes this grill. *In the base cabinet, the use and storage of a gas bottle is not allowed, because the valve of the gas bottle must be immediately accessible at all times, if a malfunction occurs. Batteries are not included in the delivery!
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