BBQ Chief Maxi Gas Grill 9.0 - Red

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Features:- high quality cast iron grate for perfect branding- 4 stainless steel burners- motor spit included- side burner- warming grate- double-walled hood with glass insert- thermometer in the hood- grease drip tray- flame plates against grease fire- large base with doors- exchangeable inserts for pizza stone or optional frying plate- transport wheels for easy moving- dimensions in the assembled state are approx. 138x60x118cm (W/D/H)A suitable pressure reducer with a connection hose for the gas bottle is already included in the package of this gas grill!Stainless steel main burnersThe four main burners provide a total output of 14kW (4x3.5kW). High burner output allows for easy burnout of the cooking chamber for cleaning and provides quick heating of the grill grates. The main burners are equipped with flame plates to protect them from dripping oil and meat juices.Cast iron grill gratesGrill grates are made of cast iron, which promotes heat retention. Cast iron grates can be heated to a particularly high temperature. Therefore, cast iron grates are ideal for perfect branding on grilled food. To be even more flexible when grilling, the BBQ CHIEF 9.0 has a pizza stone, which can be conveniently exchanged for part of the grill grate. A frying plate is optionally available. The gas grill BBQ CHIEF 9.0 offers a large grilling surface of approx. 70x45cm.Enameled flame platesThe enameled flame plates protect the main burners from dripping oil and meat juice. The oil and meat juices are transported downwards past the burners.Side burnerThe side burner has a capacity of 3kW and is perfect for use with pans and pots. When not in use, there is a flat storage area when the side burner cover is closed.Double-walled hoodTo prevent the grill from cooling down too quickly and to keep the heat even in the cooking chamber, the hood is double-walled. A glass viewing window in the hood allows you to see the food being grilled without having to open the hood.Thermometer in the lidThe thermometer in the lid of the grill provides information about the internal temperature in the cooking chamber at any time. When grilling and roasting large pieces of meat that require a longer cooking time, it is helpful to look at the thermometer because you do not have to open the lid and no heat can escape. Heat circulates in the cooking chamber of the grill and thus the thermometer indicates the heat of the circulating air.Grease collection trayThe integrated tray collects the dripping oil and meat juices and transfers them to the fat collection tray. This can be conveniently emptied. This makes cleaning after grilling much easier.With a weight of approx. 52kg, the BBQ CHIEF 9.0 is a solid, stable gas grill that can be easily moved on even floors thanks to the transport wheels.Control knobs with LED lightingThe rotary controls, for adjusting the main and side burners, are equipped with LED lighting, which provides a visual accent. Fine adjustment of the burners is guaranteed.
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SKU MX-600074-00038-0001
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