Crosstrainer CX 3.0

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Small in space - big in impactWhen designing the elliptical cross trainer CX 3.0, in addition to the stable construction and the effective training movement, great attention was paid to the space required. The requirement 'as small as possible' and 'as large as necessary' was perfectly implemented in terms of space requirements.¬†With a footprint of 149 x 68 cm, the CX 3.0 takes up just 1 square meter and is therefore the ideal training partner for small rooms.If your elliptical cross trainer CX 3.0 gets in the way, it can be moved quickly and easily using the integrated transport rollers.Features:- space-saving installation dimensions: 141x68x164.5 cm- very stable construction, for users up to 135 kg- optimal concentricity thanks to the 26 kg flywheel- electronically controlled magnetic brake system with 16 resistance levels for individual adjustment of the intensity.- high quality, very easy to read crystal LCD display- a variety of training programs- intensive training of the thigh and buttock muscles- POLAR¬ģ receiver integrated in the cockpit- Transport rollers for quick and easy moving- Inseam approx. 48 cm- 2 year standard Warranty- Joint-friendly training¬†Training with the elliptical cross trainer CX 3.0 is a blessing for your joints! The optimal concentricity, the flywheel mass of 26 kg, the poly-V grooved belt drive system with a gear ratio of 1:10, which is perfectly matched to the braking system, and the smoothly working permanent magnetic braking system ensure training that is easy on the joints. Especially for users who are no longer able to do active running training due to joint complaints, the CX 3.0 offers the healthy alternative to continue exercising effectively without stressing the joints due to the massive impact of running or walking training.¬†Perfect for stomach, legs &amp, buttocksRegular training with the CX 3.0 efficiently activates fat burning and ensures that the pounds fall off. The elliptical running movement of the elliptical cross trainer CX 3.0 in combination with the movable handles ensures an effective whole-body workout, in which the thigh and gluteal muscles are particularly effectively addressed. This ensures tight and well-shaped legs. Training with the movable handles activates the arm, shoulder/neck, and back muscles.¬†The perfect measurements for a perfect figureThe very large treads with their anti-slip surface ensure safe training and offer every user the optimal standing position. The perfectly elliptical running movement results from the step length of 48 cm and the step height of 20 cm. The pedal spacing of 18 cm ensures the ideal positioning of the legs. The result is a harmonious, joint-gentle, and very effective running movement for the muscles.¬†Technology that convincesThe CX 3.0 sets new standards in terms of stability and solid frame construction for compact cross-trainers. Users with a bodyweight of up to 135 kg can use the CX 3.0 optimally. The double suspension of the pedal tubes on the drive pulley counteracts the lateral forces that act on the cross trainer during training. An impressive 26 kg total flywheel mass ensures optimum concentricity.Highest quality down to the last detail. This also applies to the ball bearings of the elliptical cross trainer CX 3.0. Only closed precision ball bearings are used here. These very durable ball bearings are maintenance-free and ensure optimal synchronization.¬†Electronically controlled magnetic brakeThe elliptical cross trainer CX 3.0 is equipped with a friction-free and therefore wear-free, absolutely low-noise and extremely even permanent magnetic brake. The 16 resistance levels can be set electronically via the cockpit. This changes the distance and thus the effect of the magnetic force of the high-quality precession magnets on the electronically balanced flywheel.¬†When using training programs or heart rate control, the cockpit of the CX 3.0 regulates the resistance levels automatically.¬†Crystal clear view &amp, motivating trainingThe crystal-clear, easy-to-read LCD display of the CX 3.0 continuously informs the user about all training values. Values ‚Äč‚Äčand specifications as well as the training load can be changed or adjusted quickly and easily using the high-quality PUSH &amp, TURN control dial. 12 predefined training profiles, 4 free memory spaces, 4 heart rate-controlled programs, 1 watt-constant program and 3 manual programs offer the greatest possible variety of training. After training, the success of the training can be measured using the recovery pulse measurement and the determination of the BMI (body mass index).¬†The cockpit of the elliptical cross trainer CX 3.0 is already equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver as standard. This means that the cross trainer can also be controlled using the APP iC + Training during training using a smartphone or tablet PC. This free APP, available for Android and IOS, allows extensive control of the programs and functions of your cross-trainer.¬†Pulse measurement &amp, heart rate measurementPOLAR¬ģ Receiver equipped. In conjunction with the optionally available, uncoded transmitter chest strap, the EGK-accurate heart rate data is permanently transmitted to the cockpit and displayed. This is also the basis for the 4 heart rate controlled programs of the CX 3.0.
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