Double Foam Massage Ball - Black

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Relieve tension that arises in everyday life in the muscle strands along the spine. Due to its special shape, the double ball saves the area of ​​the spine, so that you can massage parallel muscles on the back yourself.The double ball is made of a pressure-resistant material and has a profiled surface. It stimulates blood circulation and makes the muscles supple by massaging the fascia.Features:- Made in the shape of a double ball with a central hole- Features an overall length of 16cm with a 5.3cm connector and is 8.2cm in diameter- Consists of pressure-resistant material with an uneven surface- Ideal for self-massage - especially the parallel muscle strands from the cervical to the lumbar spine- Relieves tension, knots and hardening in the connective tissueInteresting facts about fasciaFascia is the soft, three-layered part of connective tissue. They are between 0.5 and 3 millimeters thick and envelop the body like a net of bundle-like fibers. If these stick together, for example due to a lack of movement, painful hardening occurs. In addition to physical activity, massages help to release these tensions. Working on the deep fascia is reserved for doctors and therapists.
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SKU 100912-00019-0001
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