Floor Mat Set - 8 Mats - Wood Effect

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Protect your floor and enhance your workout experience with the Gorilla Sports Floor Mat Set. These wood effect mats are designed to prevent scratches and abrasions caused by gym equipment, while also providing insulation against heat and noise. With their soft and comfortable underfoot feel, these mats are perfect for floor exercises.

What's in the Box:

  • 8 square mats with a side length of 60 cm and a thickness of 12 mm


  • Interlocking teeth on all sides for easy assembly and stability
  • Made of high-quality and skin-friendly EVA foam
  • Anti-slip surface for a secure grip during workouts
  • Sound and shock absorbing properties for a quieter and more comfortable exercise environment

Suggested Exercises:

Use these mats for a variety of exercises, including yoga, pilates, bodyweight workouts, and more. The soft and supportive surface will enhance your performance and protect your joints.

Upgrade your home gym with the Gorilla Sports Floor Mat Set and enjoy a safer and more comfortable workout experience. Order now and protect your floor while maximizing your fitness routine!