Hyper Extension Back Trainer

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Features:- Compact size back-trainer- Very robust and heavy duty- Adjustable to individual body size- Adjustable, thick cushioned leg supports- Large ribbed floor tread- Suitable for shoe sizes up to 47 (EU)The new Hyperextension Back-Trainer offers healthy muscle-building training for the torso and back areas. Hardly any other training device is as effective for back and torso training and yet it is so easy to use. Hyperextension back-trainers belong in any fitness room or gym.The thigh supports on the Hyperextension are adjustable in length and so can be adjusted according to body height. The quick-release lock makes it very quick and easy to make length adjustments. Two extra-thick cushioned supports to ensure that the thighs are well supported without causing any bruising. The handgrips support training and the two-leg cushions hold legs firmly in position.Stability and support are provided by large extended floor support to the front. This support has the same rubber covers as on the rear floor supports. Both floor supports are mounted with heavy-duty nuts, bolts, and reinforcement plates. The steel pipes of the Hyperextension Back Trainer have a wall thickness of 2mm. It is therefore both very strong and safe to use.QualityThe Hyperextension Back Trainer was designed specifically to meet the requirements of our customers. Many years of experience go into the development and production of our fitness devices. The right ergonomics, robust technology, and carefully selected designs make our quality products stand out from the rest. These quality characteristics have a positive effect on training, will increase motivation, and improve training success.Area of Application- Strength training / bodybuilding- Muscle building and maintaining muscle mass- Support for rehabilitation training- Cushioned Thigh SupportsThe Hyperextension has thickly cushioned thigh supports to avoid bruising and make training comfortable. The supports have a large surface area to offer plenty of hold for the thighs.Length AdjustmentThe length adjustment makes it possible to achieve the optimum fit for each body height. To train ergonomically, the distance between the footplate and the thigh support must be appropriately adjusted to your body height. Adjustment is quick and easy to do using the adjustment screw. The distance between each borehole is small making fine adjustments in length possible.Cushioned Leg PadsThe leg pads are positioned at three different heights to hold the leg in place. This makes it possible to make individual adjustments according to your size and the cushions give a firm hold and protection against injury.Foot PlateThe ribbed footplate is anti-slip to offer optimum hold for the feet. The footplate is made of extra-thick steel and you can stand with your feet straight or pointed out to the sides to train lateral muscle groups.Hand GripsThe handgrips are ideal to hold on to and for getting into the correct training position. They also make it easier to get on and off the device. For people who are less well-trained, the handgrips can provide support during the training exercises.SafetyThe Hyperextension undergoes safety checks both during and after production. In the Final Test, all fixed connections and moveable parts are checked for functionality and workmanship. Safety goes first – this strongly applies to muscle-building training!
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SKU MX-600079-00019-0001
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