Unboxed Deal - E-Series Ab Roller Dark Grey/Black

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An energy-saving way to a six-pack.

What is the importance of abdominal training? That you use all of your energy to actually influence the abdominal muscles. That's not easy - unless you let the E-Series Ab Roller help you. This device helps to keep you on the right track. Especially in abdominal training, the neck and back muscles can be used by mistake instead of the abdominal muscles. The E-Series Ab Roller, on the other hand, puts you in the ideal starting position for your abdominal training and ensures that it stays that way for the duration of the exercise. What does the E-Series Ab Roller do?

Using the ambidextrous handle on the roll bar you hold your upper body at a slight bend. As a result, you do not have to use any force to bring the entire upper body up. For really effective sit-ups, a small angle is sufficient. This saves you from what makes sit-ups so exhausting. All of your energy can actually be concentrated on your stomach. This way you can effortlessly perform more exercises - even with exercises that focus on the lateral abdominal muscles, which are much easier with the Ab Roller. 

Features and SpecificationsLoad capacity:

- 100 KG Adjustable to suit your size and shape
- Upholstery on frame to protect floors Padded handles for comfortable grip
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 56cm x 67cm x 56cm 
- Dimensions (Cushion): 18cm x 14cm x 17cm
- Height of arm rest: 28cm

Attractive and professional look with a combination of black and yellow upholstery

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SKU ZAGN024-00064-0001
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