Unboxed Deal - Leather Style Medicine Ball 10KG

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The medicine ball is made of polyurethane-coated artificial leather, making it ideal for exercises where you need a firm grip. Especially with circuit or core exercises like the "Russian Twist", it is essential that you have the ball under full control and can choose between different weights.

The filling material of the ball is silk wadding and rubber particles so that it does not damage the ball if it were to fall or be dropped. Conveniently, you can find the weight in KG printed on the side of the ball, alongside the Gorilla Sports logo, so everyone knows where to get their muscles from.

- Diameter: 29 cm
- Optimal for Core training
- Made of high-quality synthetic leather
- Filled with cotton wool and sand

Unboxed equipment could show signs of slight use, minor cosmetic imperfections, or be missing the original packaging.

Where original packaging is missing or damaged, we may reseal or replace the original packaging altogether to better protect the equipment.

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