Unboxed Deal - Adjustable Squat & Barbell Rack

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The ideal aid, especially if you already have a bench So you can not just lay down properly at the bench press The squat stand proves its immense usefulness even with standing exercises If you put in the appropriate dumbbells in advance, you can save yourself the tedious and unnecessary first balancing, especially in exercises such as the barbell squat


  • Dimensions (length x width x height) 79 x 150-190 x 133cm
  • Height of rod support 95 -133cm
  • Height of safety rests 49 - 74cm
  • Length of the plate holder 21cm
  • Max Load capacity of upper pair of shelves approx. 120KG
  • Max Load capacity of lower pair of storage approx. 200KG
  • Max Load capacity 250KG
  • Net weight 19KG

What else should you know about the squat stand?

Robust, stable and versatile - these are all attributes of our squat stand The special feature of the device is that you can define the stand width in four stages This ensures that you always have exactly the right attitude for the right training and you concentrate completely on what’s really important: technique, subtleties and your workout

Stage Widths:

Stage 1: 133cm

Stage 2: 85cm

Stage 3: 72cm

Stage 4: 61cm

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