Universal Workstation White Tri Grip Complete Home Set up

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Get our top seller, the universal workstation, with an additional lat pull-up tower attachment and a 100 kg weight set as a complete combo along with 6-floor protection mats and 12 edges in black. With this combo, you are more than equipped and your home can be quickly transformed into your own gym. No more excuses, with our universal multi-gym set there are no limits to your training.Weight BenchFeatures:- Maximum load including body weight: 280KG- Backrest: 6-way adjustable- Curl station: 3-way adjustable- Leg press: 3-way adjustable- Barbell rack with locking pins: 5-way adjustable- Rubber feet for added stability- Colour: Black/White- Weight: 40KGAdditional details: Bench dimensions (LxWxH): 180 cm, 106 cm, 90 - 110 cm. Cushion Dimensions (LxWxH): Back cushion: 68cm, 28cm, 4cm. Curl station dimensions (LxWxH): 28cm, 44.5cm, 4cm. Possible exercises: Butterfly - max. 40KG per arm. Leg curl max. 60KG. Curl. Sit-ups and abdominal workout. Bench press max. 180KG. Shoulder Training (Incline 90 degrees). Weight training (flat bench). Triceps push up. 100KG Tri-Grip Weight SetTri-grip weights are designed with built-in handle grips, which make loading onto bars safer and easier. They can also be used independently of dumbbell or barbell bars, for a range of exercises including front raises, lateral raises, and shrugs.Features:- Hole diameter 31mm - Not suitable for use with one-inch weight plates- Plates have 3 practical hand grips for easier loading- Bar Diameter 30 mm- Plate colour: Black- Compacted cement filling- Vinyl coating prevents scratches and scuffs to the floor of your workout area- KG specification imprinted on the surface- Scratch and impact resistant- Plastic surface absorbs excess noise- 75 KG in weights- 25 KG in barsWeight Set Consists of:- 4 x 1.25KG weight plates - 18cm diameter, 3.2cm width- 4 x 2.5KG weight plates - 22cm diamater, 4.4cm width- 4 x 5KG weight plates - 27cm diamater, 5.7cm width- 2 x 10KG weight plates - 32cm diamater,6cm width- 2 x 15KG weight plates - 35cm diamater,6cm width- 1 x 170cm Barbell bar (weight 10KG)- 1 x 120cm EZ Curl bar (weight 8KG)- 2 x 35cm dumbbell bar (weight 2.5KG each)- 8 x spinlock star collars to secure the weightsLat AttachmentExercises include: lat pulldown - with wide or narrow grip for your back and biceps, triceps extension or French press for the triceps, standing row movements for the shoulders, and cable crunches for the abs and core.Features:- Suitable for weight plates with 30 or 31 mm hole diameter- Maximum weight: 100KG- Net weight: 7KG- Frame dimension: 4.5 cmFloor Protection MatsThese mats are perfect to protect your floor from scratches and abrasions which could easily be caused by your gym equipment and accessories. Insulate against heat and noise and are soft and comfortable underfoot. Easy to clean and are suitable for use as a mat for your floor exercises. Each of the square mats has a side length of 60 cm and is 1.2 cm thick.Note: To ensure safe transport, our protective mats are treated with a separating agent. If there are traces of an oil film on the mats, it can simply be washed off with clean water and a cloth. The agent is not harmful.Features:- Interlocking teeth on all sides- Made of high-quality and skin-friendly EVA foam- Anti-slip surface for a secure grip- Sound and shock absorbingDimensions of Mats:- Dimensions (L x W x T): 60cm x 60cm x 1.2cm- Length including teeth: 60 cm- Length excluding teeth: 56 cmDimensions of Edge Pieces:- Length: 58.5cm- Width including teeth: 4cm- Width excluding teeth: 2cm
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