Vinyl Tri-Grip Weight Set 60KG

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Get the Gorilla Sports Vinyl Tri-Grip Weight Set 60KG for a versatile and convenient workout experience. With built-in handle grips, these tri-grip weights are easy to load onto bars and can be used independently for various exercises.

What's in the Box:

  • 4 x 1.25KG weight plates - 18cm diameter, 3.2cm width
  • 4 x 2.5KG weight plates - 22cm diameter, 4.4cm width
  • 2 x 5KG weight plates - 27cm diameter, 5.7cm width
  • 2 x 10KG weight plates - 32cm diameter, 6cm width
  • 1 x 170cm Barbell bar (weight 10KG)
  • 2 x 35cm dumbbell bar (weight 2.5KG each)
  • 6 x spinlock star collars to secure the weights


  • Hole diameter 31mm - Not suitable for use with one-inch weight plates
  • Plates have 3 practical hand grips for easier loading
  • Bar Diameter 30 mm
  • Plate colour: Black
  • Compacted cement filling
  • Vinyl coating prevents scratches and scuffs to the floor of your workout area
  • KG specification imprinted on the surface
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Plastic surface absorbs excess noise
  • 45 KG in weights
  • 15 KG in bars

Suggested Exercises:

Maximize your workout with the Gorilla Sports Vinyl Tri-Grip Weight Set 60KG. Use these weights for exercises like front raises, lateral raises, and shrugs. The built-in handle grips make it easy to perform a wide range of movements.

Upgrade your fitness routine with the Gorilla Sports Vinyl