Vinyl Weight Set 70KG - Starlocks

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The Gorilla Sports Vinyl Weight Set 70KG - Starlocks is the perfect addition to your home gym. With its durable construction and vinyl coating, this weight set is designed to prevent scratches and scuffs to your workout area. Get ready to take your fitness to the next level with this high-quality weight set.

What's in the Box:

- 4 x 1.25KG weight plates - 17cm diameter, 3cm width - 4 x 2.5KG weight plates - 21cm diameter, 4cm width - 4 x 5KG weight plates - 29cm diameter, 5cm width - 2 x 10KG weight plates - 32cm diameter, 6cm width - 1 x 170cm Barbell bar (weight 10KG) - 1 x 120cm EZ Curl bar (weight 8KG) - 2 x 35cm dumbbell bar (weight 2.5KG each) - 6 x spinlock star collars to secure the weights


  • Hole diameter 31mm
  • Not suitable for use with one-inch weight plates
  • Bar Diameter 30 mm
  • Plate colour: Black
  • Compacted cement filling
  • Vinyl coating prevents scratches and scuffs to the floor of your workout area
  • KG specification imprinted on the surface
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Plastic surface absorbs excess noise
  • 75 KG in weights
  • 25 KG in bars

Suggested Exercises:

Get the most out of your Gorilla Sports Vinyl Weight Set 70KG - Starlocks with these suggested exercises: - Squats - Bench press - Deadlifts - Bicep curls - Shoulder press - Lunges - Tricep extensions - And many more! Take your fitness journey to new heights with the Gorilla Sports Vinyl Weight Set 70KG - Starlocks. Don't miss out on this opportunity to