Yoga Belt 260x3.8cm - Orange

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The Gorilla Sports Yoga Belt is a must-have accessory for any yoga enthusiast. Made with high-quality materials, this orange yoga belt is 260x3.8cm in size, providing the perfect support and flexibility during your yoga practice.

What's in the Box:

  • 1x Gorilla Sports Yoga Belt - Orange (260x3.8cm)


  • High-quality and durable construction
  • Orange color for a vibrant and energizing yoga session
  • 260x3.8cm size for optimal support and flexibility
  • Adjustable buckle for easy customization
  • Soft and comfortable material for a pleasant yoga experience

Suggested Exercises:

The Gorilla Sports Yoga Belt is perfect for various yoga poses and stretches. Use it to enhance your flexibility, improve your alignment, and deepen your stretches. It's great for practicing challenging poses like the King Pigeon Pose, Bound Angle Pose, and Standing Forward Bend.

Take your yoga practice to the next level with the Gorilla Sports Yoga Belt. Order now and experience the benefits of enhanced flexibility and improved alignment in your yoga sessions!