Back Trainier Gravity Pro 2

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Features:- Study steel frame construction - maximum user weight: 160kg- Adjustable safety belt- Space-saving foldable- Comfortable waisted back-rest- Anti-slip safety grips for maximum hold- Adjustable according to body height from 145 to 206 cm- Safe adjustment system with hand lever - to select the tilting angleBack training and relaxation:It is hard to believe that you can relieve back strain at the same time as training and relaxing the whole body. This is possible with the GRAVITY PRO 2. In this new improved generation of back training devices, steps forward in safety and comfort have been our highest priority. The waisted and thickly padded back-rest, the quick-release and secure foot and leg fixings and the adjustment system to change the tilting angle from any position, are all components of the new model. The sturdy frame is suitable for body weights of up to 160kg.Widespread Problem – Back Pain:Regular training with GRAVITY PRO 2.0 gives relief to the intervertebral discs and prevents muscle and back tension. With the support of the GRAVITY PRO 2.0 users can literally hang upside down. In this upside-down position, pressure to the intervertebral discs is removed which in turn gives relief and the absorption of liquids and nutrients to the discs is increased. Tension in the back and neck muscles is then released.Area of Application:- Back pain- Tension in back and neck muscles- Tension headaches- Overstressed intervertebral discs- Balancing training for sports activities- Wellness and relaxation- Sturdy Steel Frame ConstructionWaisted Back-Rest with Comfort Padding:The extra thick padded back-rest on the GRAVITY PRO 2.0 ensures optimum comfort when training. It is covered with a sweat-resistant and durable material which can be cleaned easily.The back-rest is waisted to give maximum freedom of movement.Comfort Head Rest:Tension can be avoided with a comfortable head position and this, in turn, will increase general well-being. The padding around the area of the head is extra thick to guarantee maximum comfort.Incline Adjustment System:The tilt position of the GRAVITY PRO 2.0 can be adjusted using a hand lever. The user can hold the device at the selected incline with the lever without requiring any strength. When the lever is released, the device returns to the starting position. This system is so ingeniously simple - anyone can use it.Height Adjustment:The height adjustment is quick and easy to use to achieve optimum comfort and perfect fit for each body height. To guarantee safety the height adjustment is secured twice with both a turning-lock grip and a locking pin.Footplate and Leg Fixings:There is a stable footplate with padded leg holders and a safety hand lever with a latching mechanism on the GRAVITY PRO 2.0. This latching mechanism ensures that the legs are fixed securely and comfortably in position when training. To achieve the correct body posture, it is very important to have the legs secured properly. This way the user will feel relaxed and safe on the device and training will then be effective.Safety Belt:Equipped with a long adjustable safety belt. This allows the maximum tilting angle to be pre-set and stops over-tilting. The safety belt is a small but extremely important feature of the GRAVITY PRO 2.0. because it adds extra safety to training. Users can be reassured to know that they cannot over tilt and this is a big plus for safety and well-being when training.Strong Hand Grips:The handgrips on the side of the GRAVITY PRO 2.0 give the user a safe hold so they can correctly control their movements. The handgrips are shaped to allow all exercises to be performed safely in all training positions.The handgrips have an anti-slip covering which is easy to clean.Folding System:The GRAVITY PRO 2.0 can quickly and easily be folded up to store away and save spaceMaximum user weight:The high load capacity of the GRAVITY PRO 2.0 is due to its extra-strong steel frame construction and the high quality of all components used in its manufacture. The trainer is suitable for persons weighing up to 160kg.Body height:The height adjustment on the GRAVITY PRO 2.0 makes it possible for persons from 145 to 198cm to training on it.
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