Adjustable Kettlebell 8KG - 16KG

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Enhance your home or studio workouts with our Adjustable Kettlebell ranging from 8 kg to 16 kg. This practical, ball-shaped dumbbell offers you a variety of exercises to train your muscles and replaces traditional dumbbells with its unique design.

What's in the Box:

The Adjustable Kettlebell package includes the kettlebell itself, four interchangeable weight plates of 2 kg each, and a secure locking mechanism for safe training.


  • Diameter: 18 cm
  • Handle diameter: approx. 4 cm
  • Height: 26cm
  • Base weight: 8 kg
  • 4 interchangeable weights of 2 kg each
  • Intelligent internal mechanism for weight adjustment
  • Secure locking of weights guarantees safe training.

Suggested Exercises:

Use the Adjustable Kettlebell for a wide range of exercises, including kettlebell swings, goblet squats, Turkish get-ups, and kettlebell snatches. Incorporate it into your strength training or HIIT workouts for an effective full-body workout.

Upgrade your fitness routine with the Adjustable Kettlebell and experience the benefits of versatile and dynamic workouts. Get yours now and take your training to the next level!