Agility Hurdles Set of 3 - 23 cm

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Elevate your fitness routine with this innovative 23cm hurdle set. These hurdles are not just for agility training with dogs anymore - they are an excellent addition to your personal training regimen, providing a fresh and unique way to add some variety to your running and obstacle workouts.

What's in the Box:

This Gorilla Sports Agility Hurdles Set of 3 - 23 cm includes:

  • Dimensions of the 23 cm hurdles: 31 cm x 47 cm x 23 cm (LxWxH)
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Included in delivery: 3 hurdles


  • Enhance your skills in coordination, endurance, speed, power, and acceleration.
  • Sleek design with eye-catching colours.
  • Quick and easy assembly.

Suggested Exercises:

By synchronizing your arms and legs, you can tackle different heights and distances at the same time. Don't overlook the conditioning element. You can repeat your self-built obstacle course as many times as you want or spread out the hurdles to challenge different fitness areas and continually reinvent your workout.

Muscle groups targeted include:

  • Lower and upper thighs
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Back

To optimize your performance, it's advisable to supplement your hurdle training with other exercises such as pull-ups or using multifunctional equipment in your home gym. This approach ensures that your running movements become even more effective through targeted muscle building.

Invest in this superior and effective workout experience with the Gorilla Sports Agility Hurdles Set of 3 - 23 cm. Take your fitness to the next level and order now!