Rubber Star Collar Dumbbell Set 27.5KG

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This set consists of two dumbbell bars and 12 rubberized weight plates with a total weight of 27.5 kg, whereby the division into 1.25 and 2.5 kg plates makes sense for both beginners and advanced users.If you train particularly 'dynamically' and/or at the limit of your own performance, you probably know the problem with chipped edges with massive weights or scratches in the floor. This is exactly where the strength of rubber discs lies!The approx. 8 mm thick rubber coating prevents damage to the weights themselves, but also to the floor - for example when setting down too quickly due to exhaustion. In addition, the training is quieter, e.g. with the lying butterfly versions, since the metallic impact sound when two discs come into contact is eliminated.Features:- 6 weight plates of 1.25 kg each (diameter 14.5cm, width 2.5cm)- 6 weight plates of 2.5 kg each (diameter 19 cm, width 2.5 cm)- 2 dumbbell bars 35 cm (weight 2.5 kg each)- 4 star locks to secure the weights- 31mm bore, fits all standard 30mm diameter bars- Material: solid cast iron- Color: Black- High-quality rubber with 4 mm thickness- Low-noise, floor-friendly, scratch and impact resistant- KG indication on all panes
Vendor Gorilla Sports
Barcode 4260200848345
SKU 100691-00008-0030
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