Unboxed Deal - Competition Kettlebell 16KG

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Kettlebells can be lifted like dumbbells for strength workouts, using moves like the Snatch, Clean and Jerk. They can also be swung, either alone or in pairs, for an intense cardio workout. Competition kettlebells adhere to competition regulations by being identical in size regardless of the weight.

- Height: 28cm. Ball diameter: 21cm. Handle diameter: 3.3cm
- Solid steel construction
- Painted body - colour coded for easy identification. 
- Professional build quality
- Weight imprinted on surface
- Flattened base for extra stability
- Handle untreated: please note, the handle may tarnish if the kettlebell is unused for long periods but can be easily cleaned.

Unboxed equipment could show signs of slight use, minor cosmetic imperfections, or be missing the original packaging.

Where original packaging is missing or damaged, we may reseal or replace the original packaging altogether to better protect the equipment.

All equipment is quality checked by Gorilla Sports SA.