Unboxed Deal - Rubber Floor Protection Mat Set 4 Mats Black/Red

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The Gorilla Sports protective mat set rubber with end pieces consists of four mats and eight end pieces. The square mats can be joined together at their interlocks as desired, while the end pieces round off the overall picture as a finish. The mats' skin-friendly surfaces are easy to clean. They protect the floor from scratches and dents caused by equipment and dumbbells and dampen exercise noise. Ideal base for gymnastics, Pilates and yoga and, laid under your equipment, dampen the sound. With the four different colours of the protective mat sets, you can, for example, lay out each training area in a different colour.


- 4 square mats with 61 cm side length
- 8 end pieces with 58,5 cm length (without toothing)
- With a thickness of the rubber surface of 2 mm and the foam of 10 mm
- Made of high-quality and skin-friendly EVA foam
- Inhibits shocks
- Anti-slip rubber surface for a secure grip
- Wipeable surface
- Sound and shock absorbing for the best protection of your home gym

Dimensions end pieces:

- Width without serrations: 1 cm
- Width with serrations: 3 cm
- Thickness: 1.2 cm
- Length without serrations: 58.5 cm

Dimensions protective mats:
- Length with serrations: 61 cm
- Length without serrations: 56 cm
- Thickness: 1.2 cm One set of protective mats can cover an area of approx. 1.5 m².

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